dealsgerber mini paraframe serrated edge knife for $7…


Please note, as the description says... this is the mini (2.25 inch blade).
Also, if you have Prime, it's on Amazon for $9.81 shipped. Shipping at Laalo brings it up to $12 something for me.


@jester747: Thanks for the heads up...I wouldn't have even looked at the overall size. I have one just like it that I carry every day and it's about 7" overall. Love it!


I've had this knife for a long time, picked it up for a fishing trip as a cheap just-in-case-it-falls-in-the-river knife. I continue to use it for things of that sort and its great, no complaints.


I almost ordered 2, but they wanted to charger $5 per knife for shipping (+$10). On to Amazon...

edit - just searched google and saw this is available at Walmart for the same price as amazon - $9.81


Just the right size for sticking in your carry-on the next time you fly!


@gopvifootball: Actually, I don't think this knife would make it through airport security in your carry-on. The new rule for carry-on says that knives can't have a locking blade and they can't have a molded grip - this one would fail on these two items.


I have the bigger brother of this knife, and I love it. It blows any similarly priced knife out of water. In for two(for gifts)