dealsgenetic testing sale at for $99.00


I signed up when this was on sale a long time ago and it is well worth the money. It is even better when you get family members to join, especially your parents.


@mtrlgrl: How extensive or basic was your profile? I've been contemplating doing this, but haven't decided whether I wanted the basic version, or the whole shebang done. What I'd really like would be to have Louis Henry Gates show up and tell me to whom I am related.


Find out the kid's not yours in time for the holidays.....


@lavikinga: It is quite extensive, especially the health risk part. Some time after I got mine done, they developed a new platform with more results that I could get, including Alzheimer testing (it is an upgrade offer for $95). You can control how people contact you for the ancestry part, and I have been contacted by possible distant relatives and cousins. For the sale amount, it is well worth getting, imho.


@mtrlgrl: Oooh, thanks for the reply. My sister & I have gotten into geneology fairly recently. This sounds like something worth looking into.