deals32" seiki led hdtv: screen with sears for $189.00…


It's $198.00 not $189.00...


I bought one of these over black friday and its pretty good. Crisp is the word i would use to describe it.


Is that right? 4" deep.. that's pretty thick for a LED.

I was considering it for mounting on the wall in my son's bedroom.. but..


@skipjack2001: yea this unit definitely isn't easily mountable... I use it as a bedroom tv/computer monitor on my dresser so its not too unwieldy to place. I got mine for a better price so it was completely worth it, but YMMV.


From the site (and yes, it is 198$, not 189$)

HD compatible: 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i,1080p
Its maximum display resolution is 1366 x 768.

If it's max resolution is 1366 x 768, it's not 1080anything compatible, or it's going to have a third of the screen letterboxed. 1080p is 1920×1080.


@starchasertyger: It is amazing the drivel that comes from dummies that know nothing trying to sound like experts. I mean sheesh! 720P will display just fine on this tv as the native resolution of many MANY HDTV's is 1366 x 768.

Also, dollars is expressed $200 and not 200$.

I'll bet you were one of those people that bought into the whole scan rate fraud. If only 60 fps are in the original content, scanning at 120 Hz only means you get the same picture twice or you get some approximation of the best guess at what would be displayed if the current and next frames were blended somehow. It is all marketing.


@starchasertyger: And FURTHERMORE, for this screen size, 1080P would be overkill. If you just need a watchable tv and you aren't a videophile (like the misguided audiophiles that claim they can hear frequencies beyond the range of 99.999% of humans and are thus duped into paying for thousands of dollars of useless equipment), this TV would be fine. No phony bragging rights here, just a cheap TV.

I have an old 42" Philips with the same screen res and I enjoy it just fine. It has less contrast but I don't care because it still works and I won't replace it for some phony snobbery. When it breaks, I'll get a cheap replacement of used or refurb of a model with good reliability.

Now, go and learn something so you don't look completely stupid because it is evident you DON'T know what you are saying.




Now that I reread your comment and mine . . . I was in error. What you said was exactly correct and I APOLOGIZE for unjustly going off on you. I was right about the whole dollar sign ($) thing though. Any straw to grasp at . . . SIGH!


@barrywilliams991: It's always best to keep your comments focused on the facts rather than the poster. That way you have less to regret later. Oh, btw:


@barrywilliams991: Wow, you're a total prick, and that half-assed slapology doesn't help. Even if you had to wave your tiny epeen around about how much you think you know, it's entirely possible to do so without making people wonder if your toddler got hold of the keyboard.

As to the dollar sign, you can fume about it until you obscure vision, but guess how many * I might give as to your overly-antagonistic opinion?