dealsfree sneeze catchers kit from kleenex for $0.00


I tried it and saw nothing about a t-shirt, hat or anything else. The e-mail I received only offered a link to a downloadable activity booklet.


Yup, here's the email. Nothing about a shirt or sample.

Dear Parent,

Congratulations! Your child just became a
Sneeze Catcher

Since 1924, Kleenex® Brand tissues have been catching sneezes. Now, kids across the country are joining forces with Kleenex® Brand and our tissues' extra layer, called a Sneeze Shield, to help keep stuff off their hands.

Your child recently completed a quiz to become a certified Sneeze Catcher. Together with your help and great resources from Kleenex® Brand, it's time start catching those sneezes!

Visit our site to download our FREE Sneeze Catcher Activity Booklet , and enter your family for a chance to win an amazing trip to Orlando!


"sneezes" BULL-(mod edit: profanity)