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I've got three of these and they've worked well for me so far, but I feel it's fair to offer a warning that these are based on the notoriously failure prone SandForce 3 chipset.


If you prefer, you can buy the brand new (3 yr warranty) for $94.99 here.


I purchased three and have had nothing but good operation in the two previous. It may be the roll of the dice with any technology, but at this price you cannot do better than a solid state drive. Incredible speed, half the heat...which is an imperative if you use Dell laptops like I do which love to experience melt downs


I had 1 fail on me about 1 year ago (after 1 year of ownership). It was replaced by ocz warranty and failed again about 6months later.

3/5 reviews of the refurbished product say that it lasted an hour or less before failing.
Lots of reviews of the original product say that it lasted 6months or less before failing:


I got the 240gb version and I loved it, but it failed after just over a year and ocz did not replace it. I dropped $250 on a paper weight.


I got an Intel 330 series 180gb SSD for $90 after rebate early last November, working out to $0.50/gb. I fail to see why anyone would buy a refurb and fail prone SSD for $0.67/gb.