dealsthe 11 reasons why marriages go wrong and how to…


Coulda used this a couple years ago.


Firstly, I'd better find a girl...


If you want to give your marriage a chance, NEVER EVER marry a single mom.

That way lies madness.


Staying married is work. There is a saying when the grass looks greener on the other side stay home and water your lawn. A surefire method for staying married is have to faith in Jesus Christ (God) and call on him always for help. My marriage is one of the greatest blessings in my life and Satan wants to tear it apart. He sometimes gets his way for a short while but after some sincere prayer my wife and I are back in bliss. Humble yourself and call on the power of the living God.


On behalf of mothers everywhere, don't you think "madness" is a little strong of a word? Children may come with additional challenges, but also additional joy. Every person--every mother, every child--is a unique individual.


@blue11: I am a single mom. I can't help that my ex cheated on me with a 14 year old. I still have the right to a good marriage. And I do want one.


@blue11: Thanks Mr Trump,you're my go to guy when it come to marrage and relationships. Nice hair by the way.


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