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@galapogos: I have ordered close to a dozen items from Meritline, and maybe once a week will you get a e-mail from them. It's not like they hit you up twice a day.


@wootdudette: Weird it worked for me just now - I have seen that error before on other older deals posted on Woot for Meritline but this one just worked at 9:25PM CST (GMT-5)


takes 3 weeks cause it comes from china. I have had similar experiences, got tire lights for 1 dollar. If you dont like the 1 per order, place two orders you @$$...


In for one. $1.99 shipped. Not sure why it was $2.16 for someone else. The coupon only applied a single $2 discount regardless of the number of units... else I would have ordered one or two more.


@wootdudette: Make sure you are choosing the Free Shipping option at checkout. Expedited shipping is selected by default, which costs something like $2.


Just placed my order, $2.16 delivered. Worked for me


Used the coupon code, said it reached max use.
Price on site is $3.99. Looks like the $1.99 is no longer availble.



"This coupon is part of an exclusive offer for our newsletter subscribers. By using this coupon code, you are consenting to receive additional deals and promotions sent in our e-mail newsletter. You can remove this coupon by clearing your cart."

Not a deal breaker, but yeah...


@edge2point: Then don't buy it. More coupon uses for the rest of us.

I love me some Meritline.


@twonickle: have to select free shipping at checkout


@edge2point: Spam list? I've ordered from Meritline several times and have never gotten a single piece of spam from them. Item has always been exactly as advertised - cheap but still worth the even cheaper price. Same on their free shipping - get's here via motorcycle courier, shrimp trawler, barge, carrier pigeon all the way from China - and well worth the $0.


was going to buy one,till order sheet price went from 1.99 to 3.99 altho shipping was still free???


What's "aeronautic aluminum alloy"? The ever-popular and ever-meaningless "aircraft aluminum" didn't sound fancy enough for them?


Just bought it ! Woot, sucks it takes 2-3 weeks to deliver (are they hand delivering it?)


Coupon Code only good for one light. Not worth the trouble to order just one and get on this company's spam list.


grr... more 3xAAA flashlights. no bueno