dealsbuy 1 suit, get 2 free, plus 1 free to the gary…


Wow, what a good deal! Josabank makes really great quality merchandise, and I have gotten very good customer service from them.
Plus helps the Gary Sinise Foundation for Veterans? BONUS!
Thanks for posting this!


@hot72chev: You're welcome! I'm going to the store to test-fit one off the rack to get the proper size. Then, hopefully, they'll let me order the 1 I want and send the other 3 instead of 1 to the foundation for my fellow vets. If not, I'll send 2 of my 3 to them myself.


What a generous offer. Thank you JosBanks for looking out for our veterans. Gary Senise' foundation does exemplary work with vets. They are a good match for each other.