dealsmicrosoft xbox 360 4gb console + $50 gift card…


dont understand why anyone is rushing out to buy these now since the new xbox will be out in under 12 months


@source7769: Microsoft has been pretty hush-hush about the 720. LOTS of speculation out there, but everyone seems to agree it's not happening in 2012. The earliest estimations have an unveiling at CES 2013 and world wide release mid year.

On top of that....the 360 is 150 bucks. I've signed many a bar tabs for more than that. It's still a kick arse gaming system you can play online with friends. A steal for 150 bucks.


@source7769: I agree, I just sold a this exact system (4GB Slim) for $195 Used on Amazon. People are still flocking to these things.

When the new one comes out I'm purchasing 5 to resell on Ebay for international buyers.


Awesome deal. Best place to get deal on a PS3??? Sony is not being as gyres dive as MSFT.....


target has it with an $80 gift card


@amyjg: link? looks like it's $299 + kinect at target.


@firebirdude: the new xbox will NEVER be called the 720, no matter how many times you twirl around.


720? Does that mean you would get two red rings of death? Long live my PS3.


Purchased the 250GB Xbox Bundle with Halo Reach and Fable on the Microsoft website for $199 free shipping on Black Friday. So $199 for the 4GB bundle is not that great of a deal.


@jessberstler: I bought 2 liter bottle of Coke for 2/$1 a while back so seeing them on sale for a dollar now really isn't a great deal.

Why don't you compare this to more one-time and currently unavailable deals that have no bearing on if this is a good price right now. Super relevant, thanks.


@jessberstler: but its not black friday is it? unless woot is selling a time machine this is the deal


@danlecompte: HAHAHAHAHA classic. good morning laugh


@source777 why? Because its $250 cheaper than the new system. And the new system won't be $250 better. The people buying these wouldn't be buying the new system till 2015 when the price on those has dropped under $200. May be hard to fathom but not everyone lives their life around game console releases.