dealstcp 60w equivalent (2700k) a19 led light bulb (3…


23.99 for me. Deal is dead.


$23.99 for a 3 pk. Still not too bad at $8 each. Beats those stupid CFLs that can't go in the trash.


$23.99 plus shipping isn't free..... come on Woot, don't you check out these deals before you list them? Shipping is free if you buy over $45. Forget it for me!


Woot doesn't post these deals. The users post them. Usually belyndag posts pretty nice stuff so don't get too bent out of shape. Often the deals are time and location limited without advertising as such so the poster doesn't always know this until other users check it out.


Thanks, @xeryon. That's exactly what happened. This deal expired before these folks clicked the link. It WAS $19.99 with free shipping at the time I posted it, but that was just for that day. I will expire it now.


23.99 here as well.

I made the transition from incadescent to CFL and have been happy with the results thus far. A significant savings in my electric bill, and only one broken bulb to speak of (my fault, it fell off a shelf).

The wattage is so low for CFLs that the only way I see LEDs becoming a competitor against them is to
1. lower their price (given time, this will probably happen)
2. offer lower wattage while producing the same amount of light (lumens).

With that said, I've switched over a few of our lights to LED where it makes the most sense. We have a dimmable chandelier that was never transitioned over to CFL. The price being roughly equal, I opted for LED instead. Still lower output, but the fact that there are 5 of them makes things better. I've also installed a few on the lights that are used the most often. I figure I'll actually reap a savings at some point, as opposed to replacing lights that are not used as much.


@kazper: These LED bulbs are 10W and produce 80 Lumens/Watt, Most 60W equivalent CFL's are 13-15 and produce about 65 Lumens/Watt.


@nmchapma: sometimes it's about lumen/dollar


@trimzulu: And sometimes it's about lumens/dollar/yr instead of lumens/dollar/right now