dealshostess twinkies bake set - recipe included for…


Subtotal $8.00
Promo discount -$0.48
Shipping $4.99
Total $12.51

TAX ? (I dont know)


This has to be a first-class joint. Note that the company's product description says,

"There not sold in stores..." instead of, "They're not sold in stores..."

This is the perfect gift for a friend of mine who has published over a dozen cook books. I had it drop-shipped, anonymously, so she'll have to ask all her friends, "Did you send this?"

If you think about it, you probably know somebody who deserves one of these!


@danieleg: there is only tax if you live in New York


I bet Tallahassee would have loved one of these in ZombieLand!


This is still #2 on my list of baking items I want but don't need. #1 is a 'baby alligator' cornbread pan so's I can make alligator-shaped corn dog-type items(think Waterboy).


These are more than $51.00 elsewhere.
There are alligator cornbread pans? Where?


@tks1: Not quite true - justdeals has them offered on their ebay store for $14.99 w/free shipping

bought mine on the 12th and it arrived on the 16th but I haven't had a chance to try it yet.


Heck, just go buy the Little Debbie cloud cakes for something like $4 for 10 cakes. They tasted the same to me..


Remember when anything Twinkies branded was going for hundreds on eBay?


I don't like Twinkies that much. I prefer FRESH donuts.