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Not sure about the benefits of these nor do I know how good of a deal these are, but all I can say is these things are not the most attractive things I've ever seen on someones feet...


I can attest to it's comfort, and if you got the right pair (hopefully Bikila LS or Speed); it will look great

If you're wearing the right matching clothing there's no reason why a clone of yours; wearing different kinds of shoes; would look any better.

I've been wearing my pairs, Bikila LS and Speed for 2 years, I got the black/gray ones as they more closely resemble regular shoes. They DO look good, and they DO feel great! Now that I've completely switched to toe socks, and these shoes I feel claustrophobic going back. I still wear the typical dress shoes for the very few formal occasions, but these shoes are practical and good looking.


FYI many Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx now carry various vibrams for around $40-45 in case you wanna check them out, try them on, get instant purchase/gratification etc ^_^


I bought a pair of size 41 TrekSports a year and a half ago and they were miserable. But I think they were too tight.. all my toes touched the ends of the toe pockets and a couple toes were even scrunched up in their pockets. Vibram says only your longest toe should be touching the end of the pocket. At this price I think I'll go up a size and give them another chance.

Since this a sale on the official site, returns/exchanges should be a breeze should it come to that. Just make sure you size yourself right!

And if you have the chance, go visit a store that sells them to try on a pair to get your sizing exactly right. Having the right size in these is so important.