dealsbreaking bad: the complete first or second season…


BOGO also applies plus free shipping. Only for Season 1 and 2 of Breaking Bad and other select titles.


@kaymay: oh wow! I just tattled to have it changed, thanks!

This makes this deal 2X BETTER :O


Title should read....BREAKING BAD - "First AND second season....$11.99 w/ free shipping"
Pretty awesome deal, really! Thanks, miquinn!


@troutwild: that is exactly how I tattled for the mods to change. hopefully!


As good a deal as this is, personally I'm not sure about the rewatch value of such a twist filled show.

You could get a month of netflix and watch them all (and much more) for a similar price on instant.


What kind of man passes up a deal like this? No man, no man at all.


I don't want blu-ray dammit!


Season 3, and Season 4 are $11.99 each as well. I picked up all 4. Averages out to about $9 each season plus tax.


Great, great show. If you've heard about it and not seen it, get season 1 and start. You won't want to stop there. If season 4 is on sale I'll get it because I'm that far along.

But...I just looked up the price on Amazon and it is the same as here for BRD. Since I'm a Prime member I'll be getting it there.


@miquinn: Best. Show. Ever. I watched season one. Liked it so much I watched it again. Then I got my wife into it, and watched it a third time. Then I told my friends to watch it, and they wouldn't, so I MADE them and watched it again with each of them, (twice more.) Then I was so pumped after the end of the last season, I started watching it again (I'm more than half way through season two) so by the time the final episodes air, I'll be back to current. The writing is awesome, the story is great, and there are so many "oh wow" moments (One Minute, Full Measures, Face Off... No spoilers here though), it's worth watching more than once. Or six...


@breaddrink: Unless you're in a situation where you need to have the physical media and/or a digital copy to watch them. For people who watch the episodes while traveling, commuting, somewhere without wifi, somewhere that blocks streaming, etc, this is a great day.
Personally, I watch tv show episodes during lunch at work. Streaming is blocked due to the bandwidth and I don't have a smart phone, so I watch DVDs. Works well for me and this is a great time of year to stock up on lunchtime entertainment.


I'm showing season 1 as not available for shipping... I'm always late to the party :(

They do still have the deal though, and offer local pickup, so it's still a good deal for some.


Just saw that that seasons 1-4 are 11.99 on amazon as well. There's no buy one get one, but they all qualify for prime shipping.

If you can't get in store to get season one, that's the way to go.