- $250 egift card…


When you really read the fine print, this isn't much of a deal.

- All the restaurants require you to spend more than the certificate is worth (50% up to 100% the certificate value) before you can actually use the certificate (so given a $25 certificate, you have to spend $50 to use it, basically giving you 50% off the total). This makes them more coupons than anything else.

- Only restaurants at are eligible, which is mostly the family-owned "I've never heard of it" restaurants. Even worse, most of these (in my area) are located in really bad parts of town that I'd never even consider going to just to eat.

If there were more legitimate restaurants available for use, I'd consider actually buying this. Seems more like a "get $200 off this $250 pair of shoes" deal, though. The pair of shoes is probably only worth the $50 to begin with.


@animuson: In my area, the minimum amount required to use the coupon (and that is indeed what it ends up being) is more than my spouse and I would normally spend on the meal, so we've never found an instance in which there'd be a useable deal.


@magic cave:
I guess I viewed this from a family perspective. Two adults and two kids comes up to $50 easily - even at somewhere like IHOP, which is on their list of restaurants.