dealstravel friendly solid perfume sticks for $3.99


Do you have to subscribe to their emails to view this deal? Or am I missing something? The link does not show the fragrance. :-(


@gmwhit: Just simply press "already subscribed" underneath the email field and you should be able to get right in!


I bought a few of these when they were on BelleChic last time. I really like them and though I usually don't like buying scents online, the price was right if I ended up getting something I didn't like. Like being able to carry it around and "freshen up" as need be.


This is expensive! I bought an entire box of these from before Christmas and paid less than $2 a stick plus free shipping. There is no way I would pay $4 per stick because they are small but at the price I paid, I bought two boxed sets (one for me and one as a gift).