deals$19.99 & under sale: over 80 styles available


Crocs sells lots of cool shoes. Just go look!


They should let you filter the Under $20 shoes by gender. Who wants to wade through all those pages?


@theircrochet - yes it is exceedingly difficult to select your gender then sort by price...


@videowallart: Agreed. Until I went on their website the last time this was up I had no idea they sold anything other than the shoes everyone thinks of as Crocs. I had been looking for a nice pair of slip-on casual shoes everywhere and Crocs' fit the bill, particularly for <$20.

I have to admit though, I did cut the tag off of them.


Select by gender, over on the left, and then sort by price, low to high.


When I went to check out, it said the shoe I ordered was not available. Frustrating.


I'm going to buy these and save them till I turn 80.


Arg, can't find any like those pictured in the post, and no wide widths


don't get the thumbs down some of thbe most confortable & light weight sbhoes I own, boughbt 2 pair today


Why so much hate for Crocs? You guys should check it out, these are not your father's Crocs... They got much better!


great shoes, very comfortable and last a long time. in for 2. Sizing can be an issue. I usually wear a size 9-10. With crocs i'm 11


In for one, at 20 bucks it is worth a shot


I love my crocs. Have a few that don't look like crocs at all, but still feel great!