dealsinteractive laser pet toy for $20.00


This and the candles for dogs got me laughing so hard. Btw, my cat LOVES this (I had to buy her one, she has been good).


@lll0228: i have this (bought on amazon) but i found the angle of the laser is awkward. you may have to play around with it to get it just right. the mirror inside moves so you can adjust the laser and i have mine maxed to point to the floor but i still have to place it really high up to get it to point down
anyway, not saying i don't recommend it. just the design needs tweaking. my cats love it and go crazy for it, it's just hard to follow when it's up on the walls so much


Amazon has the same thing for $14


@hate2w84u: thx, should have checked that myself


@w00tgurl: Yeah, I maxed out mine's range, too; but I have a few very tall CD racks and it points down from there. :)