dealspizza hut $10 any pizza, any size, any toppingsā€¦


I would like to see a pie graph comparing the different sizes ordered in total from this deal (since it started a long time ago).


I hate how they advertise ANY pizza, when I order an extra cheese, stuff crust Large, it comes out to $14! Should be "some pizzas $10"


@guitardrainer: ...and it says extra for extra cheese in applicable areas. Still a great deal to get a meat lovers or super supreme for $10!


It's a decent deal, but they've had signs on the side of some streets advertising the same thing for the past 2 weeks here in my city in CO.


@misterron: Not sure it included delivery before fairly recently. A few weeks ago it didn't show up on delivery, but I got it for delivery last night.


This is technically bait and switch.

(a) No statement or illustration should be used in any advertisement which creates a false impression of the grade, quality, make, value, currency of model, size, color, usability, or origin of the product offered, or which may otherwise misrepresent the product in such a manner that later, on disclosure of the true facts, the purchaser may be switched from the advertised product to another.

(b) Even though the true facts are subsequently made known to the buyer, the law is violated if the first contact or interview is secured by deception.
In this case, it's a violation of § 238.2 (b). The initial contact is made with no intention of actually honoring it in the event that the buyer chooses "stuffed crust," "extra cheese," or both. The fine print, something not many people actually read, excludes these, but that's a misuse of the term "any."

They've done this before, too. Buried accordingly.


They said as long as you buy 2 on the site. That is the deal they have here.


This has been running for a few weeks, and ends on the 25th. I assume it will go back to $10 for any pizza (same limitations) for carry-out only, as it has been for a very long time.


I worked at Pizza Hut over the summer, and even though they advertised the $10 for any large pizza with any toppings as carryout only, we had the same price for delivery too. Check your local store.


Really? To be frank, this isn't much of a deal. My store out here in CA has been running this offer, for what, since the last Super Bowl? At the minimum, it's been available out here in CA for at least 6 months, and they even changed the menu two weeks ago to three huge signs with just three options:

$8 Medium Pizza Any Kind
$10 Large Pizza Any Kind
$2 Extra Stuffed Crust

They don't even have any kind of indication that they sell Pasta or those wonderful Hershey's Chocolate Dunkers in-store anymore...


I saw a tip if you want extra cheese order a Cheese Lovers and then load it up with your other toppings.


In my location i have to pick-up the pizza to get this price and it's been running for months now.


All the pizza joints in my area have had this deal with no coupon for nearly a year. Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Dominoes, etc.

I also think it's funny that over the past 10 years, pizza is the one thing that really hasn't risen in price.


@conhopper: Check out the big brain on Brad.


Also, it's not available in my area.

Papa Johns has any pizza for $11. Plus Papa Johns is far superior. And they don't charge for extra cheese or different crust, but they do limit you to 7 toppings and it says that right in the ad.