dealsthe good, the bad and the wookiee t-shirt for $12…


This is terrible timing. Can't they sell this one in a couple of months, after all the Christmas credit cards bills have already been paid off???


Was set to order until shiping shock set in!


@doxeelady: Yup. That's why I always include their shipping charges in my post. They are located in the UK so shipping it pretty high to the US. It's a shame. They have some terrific designs that I've never seen elsewhere so sometimes I just have to buy their shirts, regardless of the shipping costs.


Okay, I got a solution. You listening, Qwertee? (Excellent name, btw. I may have mentioned that once or five times.)

You can start a "tab" for all of us over here in the States. We buy a shirt, and you hold onto it until we accumulate like four or five shirts or something, and then send all of them over at once for $5.95.



@rayray8822: Cool! I hope they're "listening!"


$18 for a t-shirt..where's the deal?