dealswoolrich : take an extra 20% off all sale items…


I tried placing an order for an item, after inputting all my info, only received free shipping. Called Woolrich and spoke to "Colleen" just now...I was told that the 20% was already figured in (!?!) --detail on item says '65% off'-- and that only one code could be used at a time....though info posted on Woot claimed free shipping PLUS extra 20% off sale items.!
Oh well, I just saved myself $36 by not purchasing this item.


@pyr8grl: "No code needed for extra 20 % off. Prices as Marked.
Exp. October 14, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST"

Was the first line in my write up. The prices of sale items were already marked an extra 20% off.
The 65% they have as copy on the site, included the extra 20 added in from the original sale. Yes, a bit confusing.
Just wanted you to know you got both deals !


Thanks for the response, but it's not 'take an additional 20% (or any percent) off', --
--if it's already figured into the offer :-(
very misleading, indeed!