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Oh, I desperately needed this one. Have you been peeking into my windows? LOL


Absolutely a must have in this household! Now where did I put my Kindle...


Currently no longer free (for me.)


Amazon Prime Members Only

vote-for4vote-against TO BORROW for prime members.


Only free to borrow if you have Amazon Prime. Otherwise, expect to she'll out $2.99. The deal should state the facts, Jack!


I have prime and it is not free.


@sjc314, @icartb, and @henry07751 : It was free to everyone at the time it was posted, but Amazon limits the time for that. If you miss that free "window," then it reverts back to its regular "free to borrow for Prime members" and/or to a regular purchase price. The deal-poster did state the facts.....then the deal expired. That's what the "tattle" button is for---to report expired deals. Notice how it is RIP'd now.


@majorshopper: As of right now--7/13 @ 2:15am--(and since the time it expired):

Kindle Purchase Price: $2.99
Prime Members: $0.00 (borrow for free from your Kindle) Prime Eligible

For Kindle Device Owners:
Borrow this book for free on a Kindle device with Amazon Prime. Buy a Kindle today and join Prime to borrow this book at no cost.

I have a (free) Kindle app on my laptop, desktop, and tablet...and "bought" it for free right after the deal was posted here. They all sync with each other, so I have it permanently on all 3 devices. If you want to gather free ebooks, you need to check here daily. There are at least 2 people who post a few just about every day, and they usually expire within 24 hrs (although, I did post one sev days ago which is still free.) I've accumulated more than 400 (absolutely FREE) in just a couple of months (some for immed. reading; many for later reference.) Just click on the "ebook" tag in this post, and it will bring up all ebooks recently posted.