dealslolshirts pre-thanksgiving sale: 40% off all text…


Still ends up being a smidge over $10 (see $10.38) which is weak for a text based shirt.

Plus their shipping takes like a month.


true that.. i got a sharpie


Why can't I see a subtotal on the "place order" page? I want to know what I'm actually paying before I click that "place order" button.


Before you pay it will show a total, but the percentage taken off the shirts comes to 20% and not 40%. I had four shirts picked out, but with shipping it will come to 50 bucks. Not going to do it.


@foosmaniac: Were all of the shirts you had in your cart text-based shirts? My best guess would be that half of them were, and half of them were not.



You were right--it is only on the text based--oops