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I've had this keyboard for awhile and have to say it is the best I've ever used not only for gaming, but for normal day-to-day use.

I tried Razer and a few other keyboards, but this was far more reliable and just had a better feel to it.


I also have this keyboard, this hotkeys are easy to configure and having the three different profiles on the M1-M3 keys are really easy to switch between for different games. The layout takes a little getting used to as you'll try to hit G1 instead of ESC.

Build quality is great, keys have a nice feel, good response. Typing on this keyboard is pleasant. Not silent, but not loud either. Volume wheel on the top right is super handy too.

LED backlighting is easy to configure or disable, with a variety of colors. I stick to Blue, Red, Purple.


I, too, have this keyboard and love it. Logitech generally makes good peripherals. The keys have a satisfying depth to the press, but not too loud or "clicky." The hot keys are easy to use (though I agree with othreshie that it takes a little getting used to). I also really like the Windows key toggle (great for frantic key pressing - it disables the Windows key so you don't accidentally get taken out of the game).

The headphone and mic plugs are nice, as is the USB port - it's got enough juice to run a USB stick, though not enough to power a portable hard drive. Still, very convenient.