deals$5 gift card to cracker barrel for $0.00 + free…


@takehimaway: Same here. I've managed to get email promotions from them for both the game (The "Thanks for registering" email telling me to sign up for their emails (Uh, that's what I did to receive this one...), and one for Father's Day gift cards 2 days later, but no $5 code.


Been waiting three days after the opt-in for my gift card, but hasn't shown up.


i just wasted time doing that spin game... addicting though


Playing the game is super easy if you do the twitter thing, a ton of people are sharing their 'duplicate pieces', just go through in your favorite client and click all the links, works fine with tabbed browsing, then just close them all. you'll probably win everything, which isn't much (just "chances" to win) but better than having to do all their other stuff to get extra 'spins'.


Havent been to CB in a long time. This should entice me to go. Thanks OP!


Nice little board game to accumulate chances to win prizes