dealscat6 plenum bulk cable 1,000ft box, blue for $264…


dang, is plenum that much now? I bought 1000 feet of cat6 stranded about 6 yrs ago for about $150 and it came with a crimper, 50 connectors w/ inserts, and a tester. Of course, I haven't had much cause to look for cable recently...


Folks I give you a few pointers. The cabling business is full of bad information. Either there are many intentional illegal misrepresentations going on or there is a bunch of uneducated sellers in this business. Personally I believe it is a bit of both.

Now on this topic of Cat6 Plenum, here is the horrible thing about folks being mislead, intentional or not. Plenum is used in fire retardant applications like in a plenum ceiling. Somebody would think that this cable is plenum due to the title. Note the jacket material in the specifications, it is PVC. Well PVC is not a plenum material it will produce toxic chemicals and smoke in a fire. Somebody could get sued if this is installed in a plenum application and a fire breaks out. It should be a FEP material. In this cable, the insulation material over each copper wire claims to be FEP, but it is the jacket that is important. Always make sure they have UL approval (you can see the listing on the UL web site of approval listees).