dealslink depot hdmi to hdmi cable (25 feet…


If you actually go straight to the Amazon website using this link (copy and paste, don't click it):

You get the free shipping (even if you're not a Prime member) and it shows up at $6.50. For some reason when it routes through Woot! It comes up at $6.62 so I went back and edited the price just to be accurate. Odd.


The prices are different because you are linked to two different stores selling the same product. One is UnitedIntegral and the other is Abacus, the latter is the one fulfilled by Amazon and therefore Amazon will send you to their page.


@andydoug: I have no idea how I did that, I used the woot this deal button in chrome from the $6.50 page on Amazon. It was still open when I went back to double check.


This is a great price, Whatever it is. It pains me to think of all the poor folks that get soaked by "Worst Buy" for $75 or $100 for a cable like this-OOPS, I checked prices, $152.99 for a 20' and $161.77 for a 32' I underestimated the screwing you got at the big blue box store.


No free shipping unless you buy at least $25 worth of qualified stuff. Shipping ended up being more than the cost of the cable.

Not Eligible:Your eligible items shipping to this address total less than $25. Please note that some items are not eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping.