dealsxbox live 12 + 1 month + hdmi cable from gameā€¦


by the way this is for today only


Great deal! Been trying to score this for awhile. The best deals I could find were tigerdirect and newegg for $32.99 or $34.99 for 12 mos when they were on sale and available. I missed out. But this is a great deal! I get an extra month AND an HDMI cable which I've been sorely needing.

Love it!


@awasemike: glad to hear it, hard to beat 13 months and a hdmi cable for this price - that cable will definitely help with clarity.


@ekborden: This sale has been up for at least a week on this site so it's possible to be up longer


got this sale like 2 weeks ago, arrived in a few days, hdmi cable was an intec and it works well.


@akinagate: It is still up as of today (Feb-20)