dealsmidnight shot nv-1 night vision camera for $149.99


I'm in for a dozen! Especially if the following excerpt from the description is true. Tube-top season is just around the corner.

You'll notice that during the daytime in night vision mode you can see through some types of clothing, paper and other various thin materials. This is because infrared light can penetrate these surfaces while light visible to the human eye bounces off.


Anyone find any reviews and sample photos? I'm interested in this because it has a prime (fixed focal length) lens, among other things. So, I'm curious to see how sharp the photos are, and I'm also interested in if infrared mode used in daylight will mix the infrared with the visible light, or if it's one or the other.



this is gonna make me such a good stalker.
@thewootenator: you work for TSA, don't you?