3 cigars + lighter deal for $9.99 + $1…


Worth it even if you just want the lighter which is normally $25.


Thats an awesome price for what you get...These lighters are normally $25.00 or so.


I love that drugs can be on the top deals list but lingerie is out. HAHAHAHA


Got this a few months ago and it was totally worth it. Note though that just because the lighter usually SELLS for $25 doesn't mean it's WORTH $25. Still it's nice.

Also, started spamming my snail mail after I got this, but whatever.


Well said, Fred.
The mark up on most of their stock is enormous, and as such the MSRP is a little silly.

You could also say that each of the cigars is nearly 10 dollars a piece too, but honestly, they're not...Maybe if you visited a store in a busy city shopping district, but otherwise no. You're paying about the right price for the cigars, and the lighter is thrown in for free, because they always throw those in for free.

It's a good enough deal if you're into those brands. The CAO isn't bad.


Got it even if I did not need it the price was to good a deal to pass on.


Time for another cigar deal? My father in law took my Black Ops lighter!