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I just picked up a copy. I couldn't say no at this price.


Such a great game. Think GTA... only with cowboys. Exactly.


Fantastic games. One of the best I've ever played.


Fantastic Game, and fantastic deal. Wish I could find a really good deal on the Game of the Year edition.


Amazon has the GOTY edition for $25 which is a pretty good deal if you want the expansion to go with it.


I found the Undead Nightmare expansion to be pretty bad. However, the multiplayer DLC was all good.


I'm not seeing the deal on this; yes it's a low price for a good game, but last year at this time the game was $7.99, and the GOTY edition was a solid $19.99.


I still can't believe Rockstar refuses to release this title for PC. If I were a TTWO shareholder, I'd be asking some pointed questions about why they're just leaving money on the table.


Fun game - hours worth of entertainment. And I'm with @tcanning on this one, the expansions didn't really do it for me, save the $13 and just buy this title.


@swader: Was it a used copy? I bought mine last Jan. for $10 used. The GOTY edition came out in Oct. 2011 at MSRP.


Remember if you go to Best Buy they will price match online retailers and is on the list. Let the fun begin today!!

Scroll Down to the bottom to read about online price match:


@pzelaskowski: Doesn't work on this product:

"Yes. Best Buy is currently running a Low Price Guarantee this holiday season. Look for the Low Price Guarantee badge next to qualifying products on" Red Dead does not have the badge.

"Does Best Buy match the prices of Internet retailers?
No. Unless Best Buy is running a test or promotion under this Guarantee that allows for Price Matching Internet retailers, we do not match the prices of Internet-only retailers or the website prices of our local retail competitors' stores. If, however, a local retail competitor has the same or lower price as its online store and the customer can provide verification of the in-store price, Best Buy will match the price (so long as all other price match policy criteria are met). "



I bought the GOTY edition in Jan of last year for $19.99, as well as LA Noire. I think the $7.99 was for new, as most retailers were clearing them out in favor of the GOTY on store shelves (no sense of stocking 2 different versions of the same game, when one is superior)

LA Noire (regular edition) was similarly priced but I know that required a coupon from Best Buy's gaming mag


@swader: Wow. You got a fantastic deal then. Good find!
I was skeptical since I was looking for a good price this time last year and obviously did not see that deal.


I'm so tired of the whole "Verified by Visa" nonsense on It has given me nothing but problems whenever I try to buy something. I will buy the ebay version instead.


This is $29.99 now at new egg. Not worth it when you can get it at Game Stop for less with a warranty.