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I've always been happy with the way my pizzas have turned out when using my pizza stone. However, 2 things to always remember: #1 Never forget to put the pizza stone in when you are heating up the oven (failure to pre-heat the stone will result in the stone insulating your pizza, giving you a burn top and a raw dough crust). #2 You should not put a pizza stone in the dish washer, or let it soak in the sink, because it can lead to damage.


Best method of cleaning the stone for me has been to preheat it to 500° for ½ hour, then crank up the self-cleaning feature of the oven, leaving it on the middle rack.


I have owned both a large square stone and a round Pampered Chef pizza stone for almost 10 years, and have found the best way to clean them is to treat them the same as cast iron. Run under hot water and use a scraper to remove foodstuff, and occasionally wipe it w/olive or veg. oil and heat it for a few minutes @ normal baking temps. Never use a scrubber or soap.


I used to use pizza stones for quite awhile until I tried a pizza screen and switched. Cheaper, much lighter, and you don't need to screw around with the pizza sticking to the pizza peel. You stretch out the pizza on a flat surface, transfer to the screen, stretch it out a bit more, add your toppings, and throw it in the oven. Since there is pretty much nothing touching the pizza, it's surrounded by all the 500F hot air. It's what most pizza shops use. Make sure to measure your oven before buying if you're looking at one of the larger screns. My friend bought an larger one and we had to bend the one side so the oven would shut.


I bought the same Pizza Stone with the serving handles and pizza cutter for $5 at Old Time Pottery

I did not get the other items

The Pizza Cutter went in the trash , the stone is not to bad though

It did buy it on sale around Christmas time

BTW: Shipping is $4.95, which seems pretty fair to me


13" is kind of small. I have two 15 inch pizza pans. The hardest part of using a stone is getting the raw pizza onto the hot stone...


I gave up on pizza stones (i have a nice pampered chef one) and just use a pizzazz now


I love my pizza stones. I have two, one is 15" and one is 13". Ive been wanting to get another 15" and was hoping this would be the one. Looks like I was wrong. Still a good deal.


If you're having trouble getting your pizza from the peel to the stone, consider using parchment paper. It can stay under the pizza on the stone and you'll still get a charred crust.


@editorkid: Good advice. I sometimes use a little cornmeal on the peel; it adds a nice texture and flavor to the crust as long as you don't overdo it, but some people can be turned off by it.


I used the self-cleaning oven method of cleaning my stone when I had an electric oven. Now that I'm back to gas (praise be!) I just scrape it off every now and then, if necessary.

I leave the stone on the floor of the oven, so I never have to remember to put it in before heating the oven.

While, yes, a screen will allow 500 degree air to contact the bottom of the pizza, a 500 degree stone is going to be much better at transferring heat (easy test: put your hand in a 500 degree oven for five seconds. Now try putting it on a 500 degree stone for five seconds. OK, don't do that. Really, don't do the second one. The first is fine.).

A screen is easier to deal with, which is why a lot of commercial pizza places use them. They don't use them because they make better pizza.