dealscontrary to popular belief, no one owes you…


can I get mine with a target on it?


Great message for teenagers and occupiers alike, but you'd have to explain it to them.

Message I like, color not so much...


@sumduud: As in "...ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country". But extended to, if you don't take back what the nepotistic entitled thieves have stolen, you are just a whiner. Oh the Occupiers get it, God bless them.


@zwaldo: "can I get mine with a target on it?"
Not sure I follow,why would you want a shirt you're wearing to have a target on it?


Contrary to popular belief, this shirt has been submitted to Woot 17 times already, and it was trite and meaningless the first time.


@sumduud: And I'm sure your shirt would say "keep the guvment outa my medicare" on the back


Yes it would be horrible to have to work for something. The occupiers are all pissed off they can't go get a job at google and get paid for nap time. They get it like the looters after Katrina get community.