deals24" poly fan rake for $4.99


These are terrible because the 'tines' or whatever you call them are just to flimsy and flexible so once you get a very big pile the rake won't get them all---or if you get some small twigs or something with any amount of weight in the pile, the 'tines' go right over them and leave them, and some of the leaves, behind. Frustrating to use and takes twice as long as a metal or bamboo rake because you have to keep going back over to get all that was left behind on the first pass.


It's never too early to get ready for that evil woman named Autumn...


@donslin: I own one of these cheap flimsy rakes. Last week the handle snapped right at the base. I think the wood is balsa.


It's a $4.99 rake people not a $15 what exactly are you expecting here?


This rake is perfect for raking leaves in the summer, in the desert...


Since Sears owns KMART i was hoping that this rake was a Craftsman....not!!!

Ill pass and wait for the Craftsman version ...should be about the same price