dealsroku 3 streaming media player for $99.97


May I be the first ...
This is NOT a replacement for cable.
If you didn't pay for it already, you won't get here. No free HBO!
It can be instead of, or an alternate to, cable.
I know quite a few "cable cutters" who took a little time to get used to Roku only, but they're all happy about it.

I have one.
I like being able to pick and choose what stations I get. And what I don't.
There's a lot of alternate channels out there.
I'm digging on a Bollywood one right now, that I'd never get on TWC!
And I like sitting up late with the grandkids, watching a boatload of really bad old horror movies.
I don't like the lack of subtitles.
But I can see me soon doing without cable.

BTW, it's the same price as from the official Roku website.


This isn't a deal. @gidgaf is correct, this is the list price from Roku.

EDIT: @pcrichard: Post deals here. not the standard, list price.