dealsseeds of love red cross donation by fortuneā€¦


i sent one of their non-Red Cross fortune cookie soap gift packs and shampoo bar as a Christmas present. i was told they smelled great, asked where i'd found it, etc.

i think i found the deal here on deals.woot. i recommend..


gave some of their soap for Christmas presents and got the same positive response that @w00tgurl did. everyone loved them & asked where they were from. i know at least one person went on to gift these to some other people as well.


Ditto, my mom was so curious about them when she saw them at my place, I got her some for the holidays and she likes them too. Creative idea, if a little hard to actually use the soap.... :)


@turtlegir1: Try their bar soap. Much easier to use, great scents and is made with an organic soap base, so it lathers really well. Also they've got some body butters that are outstanding.


I buy from FCS quite a bit, and gift most of what I purchase. Everyone I've given to loves the products.


Don't eat this. Don't crack it in half to look for fortunes, either.