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WOO! my beer is almost done. In about 4 more days I'll be able to taste how great it is. Gonna take advantage of this and pick up some more. =) Thank you!


I was heavy into this a while back. I have 4 kegs, and kept them all going in rotation. Lately I've gotten lazy, and can't deal with the bottling. Great sale, though- this is the time I stock up on supplies! Still love Mr. Beer!

Just a note: these are RECIPES, not just the basic ingredients.


@tcayer: I can only imagine having them on rotation.0_0 I need to buy another keg because waiting around month is killing me!
2 weeks for fermentation.
1 to 2 weeks for carbonation. (I do 2 weeks here for better tasting beer)
1 day in the fridge, then enjoy!