dealssapphire hd 5770 video card 1gb gddr5 pci-express…


This is a terrible deal.

The 5770 card is two generations old at this point, and isn't worth nearly $150.

It's performance is well under newer cards like the radeon 6870 which can be had for the same price or cheaper. Or get a Geforce 560 which can be purchased for $125 which will also outperform the 5770.

This card would be worth it if it was maybe half that price, because at $105, you can get a 7770 which will once again, outperform the 5770 significantly...


Also, don't upvote deals if you have no idea if they're a good deal or not.

Take two seconds to reasearch the product, or don't vote at all. There's a link in the "Similar Deals" section >> that has the exact same gpu for $110. There is no way this post should have six upvotes (currently) when it's $40 more than that other post, and even at $110 this isn't even a deal...