dealsfarscape: complete series 20pc boxed set [blu-ray…


Totally bodacious! Great show, I'm in for one!

Your link is broken by the way. Here is a working one:


@goatamus WEIRD! Wonder how that happened. Thanks!


I have the non-anniversary box set, which has all the same videos, though oddly only 31 commentaries. It's also missing the non-video bits, for what that's worth.

Note that like Star Trek, the effects were done in standard-def, so there will never be a high-def release of this show. But they used high quality sources, so this should be slightly higher quality than is possible with DVD.

And, do I even need to say it: Awesome show!


@bitman: Yeah, it's an upconversion from PAL source material, so it is higher quality than the old DVDs but not by leaps.