dealsjohnny jolter power plunger for $9.99


A human-powered device that takes a volume of water, pressurizes it, and releases it through a large aperture. A high-power, large-caliber squirt gun designed to unplug toilets. I can smell mischief afoot.

Any budding fluidics engineers out there?


Hah hah hah...the third tag...hah hah hah!

Oh wow -- it's from Taylor Gifts! My grandma got that catalogue when I was a little kid, and probably before that. They always cracked me up with the model holding a "portable massager" near her jaw to show how well this worked to break up knots in her neck and shoulders...yeah, that's what that shape massager is for, yeah, ok. HAH!


When you get to the last page to confirm checkout, the price discreetly jumps to $29.98 + $8.98 shipping. Not cool.


@edrjrcpk: Was that before you put in your address in info? Because I just tested it and before the address is put in, the price is the sale price.

edit: I just tested it and you're right. When you go through the whole process at the end it is the regular price. I'm not ordering this but I'll send them an email about that.