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Do not, EVER, buy a microwave from this company. I purchased a high-end Frigidaire microwave last December, PLUS a premium 3 year extended warranty. Two months after purchase, the glass turntable shattered.

Frigidaire refused to replace both the turntable or the microwave. The premium extended warranty doesn't come into effect until AFTER the manufacturer warranty expires (1 year).

In fact, the store manager found out that Frigidaire doesn't even manufacture turntable replacements, and could not find an aftermarket replacement.

Will never purchase an Electrolux brand ever again.


@xochiluvr: Are you saying that the turntable self-shattered? That's hard to believe... If I were the manufacturer, I would not replace a user-broken part either. I think the warranty also clearly states that consumable or breakable parts are not under-warranty.

I have a Frigidaire top-end microwave, too, and nothing has shattered, after three years.

And yes, you can certainly get the replacement glass. You should Google your microwave's model, and look for the part list. It's always online somewhere.


That electrolux is an imposter! Not the real electrolux!


Pretty sure Home Depot didn't sell frigidaire until last month so i think you are completely wrong in everyway imaginable. -Appliance Specialist from Home Depot

p.s. Dont drop your microwave turntable, thats how it breaks......


@xochiluvr: I would say that turntables NEVER shatter on their own but in this world anything can happen. Frigidaire/Electrolux DOES manufacture replacement turntables and does provide them in most cases, IF it breaks so soon, even though it's not usually covered. If a turntable does break due to your own negligence, which it probably did, you can simply buy a new one from any parts supplier. That said, Electrolux is great brand to purchase.


It split in half, somewhat explosively, with a frozen dinner on it 3 minutes into a 7 minute cycle, after owning it for less than 3 months. For the 30 years or so before that my family had 1 Amana Radarange that had no problems at all until it one day the controls just stopped working.

The store manager at HHGregg was just as surprised as I was that Electrolux refused to replace it and the customer support person specifically said they did not manufacture ANY replacement turntables for this model. The manager was even more surprised that neither his store nor I could even purchase a replacement, OEM or otherwise. I've never seen one on ebay either.

I'm a bit uncomfortable with all the blame and downvotes coming my way from random people. If you're happy with them or decide to buy their products, that is your choice. I'm just giving fair warning based on my experience.