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People still pay for Windows?


They do if they build their own computer and want compatibility with a lot of popular software and services.


Plus, absolute worst case, this can be used to legally downgrade for a Windows XP install if you also have an XP disk. Pretty simple process.


The only reason I know that people have for using windows when it doesn't come pre-loaded is gaming. I can create and modify any windows file I want in linux and it's free(and not difficult), but it doesn't play all the latest games, some, perhaps many but not all. Of course the reason that games are written with the Windows OS in mind is simply there are more Windows PC's, games can just as easily be written for Linux, but the community is small and the community is cheap( I include myself in that).


Windows is a good operating system for people who want broad spectrum compatibility without writing their own drivers (so, basically, the vast majority of people) and without submerging themselves in the overly restrictive ecosystem of Apple products. That is a VERY large group of people. Acting like it's a tiny minority is just silly.


Thanks for the post, Im in the process of ordering the parts to build my computer, was gonna pass on the OS till later but with the coupon Ill go ahead and pick it up. Thanks again!


@kwsharman: Also Netlflix and most DRM video. I know there are ways around the DRM video. You could use WINE for Linux, but you still have to have a legitimate copy (CD Key) to use it. I my self am using UBUNTU, but am missing Netflix instant streaming on my work trips.


I think polarbehr was more making a jest at the fact that so many people download pirated copies of Windows now.