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I don't understand why people still say it's a micro USB charger for a certain brand of device. In order to say it is a USB charger, it must be 5V and deliver a minimum of 0.5A and a maximum of 5A. Since there are next to zero micro USB devices that can't also charge from a computer, every phone with a micro USB takes 5V and 0.5A and so will work with any micro USB charger. A very few devices are capable of taking advantage of higher amperage chargers to charge faster, which is nice, but you can just buy a generic 5A charger. Unless your devices is the cheapest of Chinese knock-off, it will not draw the full 5A if it was not designed to.

If a device deviates from the 5V 0.5-5A USB specification, it cannot be marketed as USB (A, B, mini, or micro).


@themcnasty: Not all devices handle USB the same. Some devices will charge with just USB power supplied. Some devices will also need data in order to charge. I have a USB hub that is just connected to power. I use it to charge my phone. However, my wife's phone will not charge if connected because data is not being supplied. Some standalone chargers just supply power, some supply both power and data. If you have a charger that supplies both power and data it should charge all phones.


Good deal, but, the link directs to the home page, not the product page. You have to click the daily deal ad to get to the product.

What is the amperage on this charger? The specs on the page don't say. Is it only 0.5A, or is it higher?


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@themcnasty: It's all about SEO and metadata man, they're just making sure that people who search for [carrier name accessory type] or [device name accessory type] are able to find their items. :) Most folks aren't as informed about USB as you are.


@djsleeper: Knowing it's compatible with my phone is meaningless without listing the charging current. Especially if it's 500mA which would take twice as long to charge.