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I have outstanding orders with dailysteals, and am unable to contact them. I cannot get a status on a 11-19-12 order. I wonder if they are still viable.


@kovarlane: I've never had an order not-arrive from them, and I've been using them for awhile. Their order system is pretty screwy though, I've had something shown as pending for two months now, even though it arrived two months ago, lol

Try in the afternoon EST range, I believe that's when their live chat usually has people on it.


In case some other people out there are leery of or are not certain of AC Delco's AA batteries. Check out this similar deal over at for 40 Duracell AAs for just under $15 shipped -->


Well, I must be tired or blind, I just noticed this deal is actually for 48 AAs and 24 AAAs (72 total batteries) which is a much better deal. But in case you are like I said above and by chance only need AAs... either way, they are both great deals in their own right.




Good luck dealing with Dailysteals,had a few problems with them in the past.Last order they never shipped,they knew they screwed up but never contacted me that I would not get my order. I emailed them 6-7 times,they replied a few times and finally I got a credit after 10 weeks. Very small money involved but I will never order from them again. If you buy this,I hope it works out for you but I'm done with them.
"kovarlane" keep after them don't let them take your money.


I once had a daily steals order take 5 full weeks to arrive, but everything I've ordered has arrived eventually. I'm going to order these batteries but I'm not holding my breath waiting for them. If I needed the batteries in the next week, I'd order them from someone else.


Dont buy with Daily steals!! Takes a very long time to ship! I had a hard time contacting them until I used google maps and searched them there in Brooklyn NY and there is a number posted there.


I've only ordered from them once, and it took a month for the item to arrive. Give it some time before you go calling them up, and don't buy anything you aren't willing to wait a LONG time for.


A wise man once said "Timing is everything". I received the 11-19-12 order referenced above today. Plus one other order. I guess as said above, you just have to wait.


I've only ordered once and it was a long while ago, but got an unbelievable amazing pair of earphones for dirt cheap (like the quality is orgasmic), just took like a month and a half to get here...Patience is key... for everything else...that's why there's Paypal. There's always a shortage of batteries in my household (to the point that it is infuriating) so I'm jumping on this. Hopefully no issues


Would rather buy them from Woot(KIDS) for $15 and pay for shipping than go through the nightmare of dealing with Dailysteals. If a friend or family member wants some maybe split the shipping cost,with Woot you know you're going to get them and it won't take three -four weeks.


@tcayer: Weird, they had a live chat at one point some many months back as I had used it (and it was about the issue noted in my first post, item was still showing as pending but it did ship), but honestly haven't had another issue since so I've not had the need to contact again :/

They can take upwards of a week to two to ship stuff though, which I believe even they make clear, I've always got the feeling they were a pretty new deal-site so I imagine they still have time to iron out a lot of the slow-ness. Not everyone can be as cool as woot :P