dealscorsair force 90gb sata ii internal solid state…


Ew. $50 for 90gigs, and its sata II, not sata III.


@andrasko15: I agree. 90 gigs, SATA II, Refurbished, and you add on 5 bucks to ship it? 55 bucks for a refurbished 90 gig last gen SSD isn't really a great deal at all. You can grab the Kingston Hyper X 90 gig off right now for 69.99 after rebate, and that is a far far better drive. Better yet, keep your eyes out for any of the 80 dollar 120-128 gig SATA III drive deals that keep popping up everywhere. This deal is rather "meh" at best.


Outdated and hardly discounted. Do yourself a favor and get a newer version when it goes on sales for around $70 and usually with free shipping.


Considering that most netbooks out there are not SATA III compliant, this seems like a fairly decent deal.


I agree with nutriapeluda (great name by the way). My laptop uses SATA II, so this would be a decent upgrade to my 60GB SSD primary drive.