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I've purchased several items from them without any issues. As for shipping times, I don't really pay too much attention to it, so i can't comment on that, but I always got the item as described.


shipping can be a pain, but so can woots. items for my 5 orders have been just fine. i have seen others with complaints, but the 1 time i felt shipping took too long, i spoke up on reseller ratings and they took care of it within hours


I've gotten about 10 things from them, only had one problem where i had to contact them because my product never came and i was refunded because they no-longer had the item (x11's) because i contacted them ~2 months after the deal. Though, their shipping times can take forever or be super prompt, it's pretty random.


Shipping can be slow with DailySteals, but I have always gotten my items. I've ordered from them many times in the past. They also accept PayPal, which keeps my payment info private from them. Other Daily Deal type websites do not, so they do not get my business.


I have about 25 orders complete through I've never had any issue worth noting and the average ship time for me is about 10 days from the date of order.