dealsresistance 3 (used) for $14.99 + free shipping


Ah..have to rent it then 'keep it'...AND...this does NOT come with the online pass..add another $10 to cost for multiplayer or co-play. Pass..wait for it to go 'classic' and they'll reduce it to $19.99


@undrpsi: The used purchase option is gone which means they are sold out. Yes, you can rent it and keep it, but this deal was not posted with that process in mind (not much of a deal if you have to purchase a Gamefly membership). When you choose the "buy" option, Gamefly sends you the original case, manual, and DLC codes. Not sure if they do that when you keep a rental.

For those of you still interested, it's very common for Gamefly to get more used copies back in stock. I have seen it get sold out and come back in stock for used games multiple times in the same day.


For the record most of GameFly's used games come with 'First buyer' codes... thus this SHOULD have the online pass...