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Get a free bowl of soup with that? Looks good on you though...


woah woah woah... I was like sweeet ...but then I read the description... what is it dude? Just post "One month of Amazon Prime" if you wanna do this, but you just say this is free isn't right... if you put that you need Prime in the title then it's a different story, kinda. Not sure the votes would be rollin' in so fast then


This doesn't seem like a "Deal" to me at all. Video streaming has been part of prime for a while now. Getting a free month of prime is also the standard. There are thousands of movies that can be streamed for free, should they all be listed on deals.woot? I think not, IMHO.


"Hey!! You scratched my anchor!"


I'm with @miquinn & @mschauber: prime streaming or kindle downloads aren't deals. They're perks that come with Amazon's pay service. Just like free prime shipping is not free shipping.

But it's a great movie, and if I had prime I would be all over this.


@mschauber & @okham

I disagree. These movies and books are only free for a certain period of time. It's nice that they're posted when they drop down in price to free, just like anything else.

Just because you're a Prime member doesn't mean that price fluctuations don't affect you.

Now the free trial for Amazon Prime is another thing. That's always free and not a deal.


My thoughts on posting this as a deal. I used to have netflix streaming and the content was CARP, in my opinion. So I figured the other streaming services like Hulu and Amazon had the same streaming carp. I realize that the one month prime trial is not a new deal, but when I realized that I could stream Caddy Shack for free; then it became a deal to me, and I thought others might like to watch the movie for free as well. To my view the point of the deal is getting to watch Caddy Shack for free, not the one month of free prime. The free trial is merely a means to an end.


Agreeing with @dreamyvelvet about amazon prime pricing fluctuations. However, I'm assuming the blurb about a free month of prime was just provided for those without prime so they can take advantage of the free movie "deal". Also, not all deals are for $5.00 iPads. Deals is deals.


@dreamyvelvet: well then it should at least be in the title -_-


this isn't free! you need to be a prime member or get the free trial (which is only available once per person per lifetime)



@dreamyvelvet: I agree with @miquinn that it should at least be qualified in the title. But I still don't think it should be posted.

I don't post Costco deals for the same reason. If it must have a paid membership, it is an exclusionary deal. I believe, on this day especially, that all deals should be inclusive.


While I have not used the Amazon streaming service an awful lot, I have not seen them do free 'days' for items the way they do for kindle books. That said, they have a huge collection of movies that can be streamed by PAYING prime members. I would never be a prime member if I had to pay full price. I still have my .edu email address that I first received 'way' back in 1993, so I used that to get a free year and now I pay 1/2 price each year.

I think it is wrong to post deals that require a paid membership. It's one thing when the item is free, for everyone, for a a short period of time. Then it's up to the deal poster to pay attention and expire the deal as soon as it's no longer valid for everyone. But in this case, the movie has been free to prime members for quite some time and I assume it will remain that way until such time that Amazon's contract with the studio expires..