dealschihuahua w/ attitude tin sign for $9.99 + freeā€¦


But I was looking for a teddy for my chihuahua...@ohcheri can't you help?


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I love small dogs, but can't stand chihuahuas. I've never seen one that was trained to not bark like crazy. I'm much more partial to Papillons and Cavalier King Charles spaniels


Anyone else get a Chalupa craving all of a sudden?


por que es tu madre en mi casa?


@kev50027: "chihuahuas. I've never seen one that was trained to not bark like crazy."

I believe that it can be done, but the demographic inclined to be chi owners just don't bother. My small dog came to me as an adult, confirmed, out-of-control recreational barker. A truck driving by at 2AM would trigger a 4-alarm barkathon. He would even "inform" me that the phone right next to me was ringing! A few weeks of mostly positive reinforcement for "Quiet!" along with the occasional spritz from a plant mister fixed the problem. Today, two years later, he knows he is allowed to bark if there is a real intrusion, but minor irritations rate only an indignant but comically muffled "Murrff". (I stifle a giggle and tell him he's a good boy.)

TL;DR: It's not the dog, it's the owner.


I love my Chihuahua. He doesn't bark near as much as our goofy pug. One of the smartest dogs I have had the pleasure of calling my own. I think I'm converted.


Nice writeup at ocheri..."Two holes drilled in the top for easy hanging."




@ginawoot: I agree with you, I have no doubt that chihuahuas are smart. In fact they're probably smarter than most owners of them. I have just never met a chihuahua that was well mannered. I'm sure they're out there, and they're probably great dogs. Certain breeds seem to attract people who aren't willing to punish a dog though, which results in the dog being rotten. The ones I've seen were cute when they weren't trying to bite my ankles or growl at me.


@ginawoot: How did you train the dog to know if there is a "real intrusion", especially as opposed to, say, the UPS man or a neighbor kid selling Girl Scout cookies, etc?