dealsfirefly - the complete series [blu-ray] [2002…


FYI everyone: The description for this item doesn't list what region it works with or that it is region free. This might not work in the US/Canada.


...But you can stream it for free from NetFlix or Amazon Prime Video! Totally not a deal! RAGE! RAGE!



I bought this over xmas for myself and wow what a big fat disappointment. Your getting an upgrade in sound but picture quality stinks for a blu-ray.


@garcia5: the show was shot on film, but the SFX were only rendered in Standard Definition. That means that any shot with SFX in it (including composites of live action and effects) will be upconverted SD video.

That said, the video quality is a step up from the DVD release, and the audio is improved as well (lossless 5.1 surround). Not to mention the Blu-ray exclusive extras (a A Firefly reunion with Joss, Nathan, Alan and Ron featurette, and a "Our Mrs. Reynolds" commentary featuring the same).


love the show, but "the complete series" = 1 season. Then you have to buy/ rent the movie serenity to "complete" the show. Misleading information.


@intuitionx2: How is it misleading? It is the complete series. I wouldn't buy a complete series of Star Trek and expect to have the movies included with it.

I think saying "Season 1" would be more misleading than "Complete Series." If I see a season 1, I'd then look for season 2. This let's you know up front that it's all there is.

Besides, this isn't It's deals.woot and this is a good deal.


@musicalman: The series was canceled and they finished the story with a movie.
I agree it's a decent deal, but I think some buyers would like to know about the movie. I'm willing to bet a lot of purchasers think it is more than 1 season when they read the complete series. When looking at it in a 1 season perspective the $ value is a little low. If it included the movie it would be a hot deal.


@intuitionx2: I'm very familiar with the series and the movie. It doesn't say it's the complete story, just the complete series.


@intuitionx2: If you're pissed about the labeling for Firefly, You'll probably be enraged by the labeling for Police Squad:

It says "Complete Series" even though it's only 6 episodes! And it doesn't include the Naked Gun trilogy!!


@marsilies: ROFL who is pissed? I was just making note. This thing goes on sale every couple of months. I was pissed when they canceled it, but the movie was a nice finish.


I bought this at CostCo in the holiday season for under $20. I guess that was just an extraordinary deal, then...