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no one likes these travel deals.


This doesn't include the (very) fine print of a mandatory daily 'resort' fee of $20 + tax per night, which nullifies any deal this may have been. Most Vegas hotels do it now, other than Caesars group of hotels. Beware.


"The Palms Casino Resort will apply a daily resort fee of $20.00 plus tax per night to all reservations."
NOT sucha deal


deal is dead? I get

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when i click.


with vegas hotels it's almost always better to book with the hotel direct. Most hotels will match other rates anyway. Plus, if (when) you find a better deal, you can always cancel your reservation if booked direct.


these travel deals always get down voted because wooters don't like to travel. Traveling would require them to have to leave the confines of their mothers basement.


Most of the low price rooms are in the Condo section of the Palms (even though they are superior rooms!). It's a bit of a walk to the casino from there but the rooms are absolutely beautiful, spacious, and hi tech! As such, I always Prefer to stay in the condo section. It's also nice to NOT be right there above the Casino. Another Perk is an outstanding rooftop pool with excellent restauraunt in the condo section. Finally, even with the $20 add on, this is a great price. I'm in Vegas with a group of guys (no wives!) every Thanksgiving pre weekend and we've been staying at Palm for several years. I highly recommend it.


Seemed like a decent hotel but if being on the strip is a requirement then you definitely should pick a different hotel. The Palms hotels are quite a ways off the strip (about a 15 minute walk). They do offer a shuttle to the Harrah's casino on the strip but I think it only runs every 30 to 45 minutes. Also, they did have a daily parade inside the casino but the last time we were there an employee informed us they only do that on the weekends.


i could get no deal from this. typical bait and switch.

big thumbs down